Edit/Delete Posts

Enable Edition

Site’s admin can enable the edit/delete capability in the WP Dashboard > Settings > Snax > Moderation section. Options:

  • Can users edit own posts? – allow edition
  • Can users delete own posts? – allow deletion
  • Keep post status? – if set to no, even already published posts will be sent again to moderation (set to pending status).

Post Status

Users can edit/delete:

  • published posts
  • pending posts
  • drafts

Edit/Delete Links For Owner

A user can edit/delete its own posts (all formats) directly from the frontend. The Edit/Delete links can be found on the user profile (Posts tab) or via the bottom toolbar (screen below) when an owner visits a post.

Edit/Delete Links For Admin

Site’s admin can edit/delete users’ posts from WP Dashboard > Posts (screen below). That applies for all Snax formats except for Quiz and Poll formats.

Edit/Delete Quizzes and Polls For Admin

Quizzes and Polls have both the frontend and backend creation UI, so the admin can edit/delete users’ posts from the backend:

  • WP Dashboard > Quizzes
  • WP Dashboard > Polls

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