Post Submission Form

The post (format) submission form is a frontend interface for users to create a content.

Form Sections

The form can be divided into the following sections:

  1. Title
    Post’s title
  2. Content
    This is the main section. It differs among formats. It might be a rich content editor (Story format), a list of items (Open List format), or the Meme Generator (Meme format)
  3. Attributes
    Post’s custom attributes like the Referal Link or Source. It also differs among formats
  4. Featured Image
    Post’s featured image
  5. Category
    List of categories a user can choose from
  6. Tag
    A user can create a new tag or choose an existing one (using autocomplete)
  7. Terms and Conditions
    If enabled, a user must agree (check) to submit.
  8. Actions
    A user may:
    – Save the post as a draft
    Preview the post (only if previously saved as a draft)
    Publish or Submit to review depends on moderation status and/or user’s access level (permissions)
    Cancel the submission


Each format has its own settings. To adjust a format’s form, please go to the WP Dashboard > Settings > Snax > Formats > FORMAT.

Options common for all formats are:

  • Featured Image
    Format’s main image. Mainly for archive views.
    Choices: optional | required | disabled
  • Category
    Allow users to assign categories to a format
    Choices: optional | required | disabled
  • Multiple categories selection
    Allow assigning to more that one category
  • Category whitelist
    Choose categories users can choose from
  • Auto-assign to categories
    Automatically assign a created post to these categories. Useful if you want to make sure that a format X is assigned to category Y, e.g. for use that category in your menu
  • Referral link
    Allow users to fill in an external URL related to their submission (e.g. affiliate URL)
  • Terms and Conditions
    To ask for users’ agreement to your site’s policy, you have to create a new page and assign it to the WP Dashboard > Settings > Snax > Pages > Terms and Conditions page.

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