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Posts are also called Formats. You can think of them as standard Wordpres posts. Besides plugin related options, they work in pretty much the same way.


Items are also called Submissions. Children of list-based formats. They are similar, in behavior, to posts but cannot exist alone. An item always belongs to a list.


A post can be added via Post Submission Form.

An item can be added via Item Submission Form.

Frontend Access

A user has access to their posts/items directly from they profile.

Both Posts and Submissions sections have sub-sections:

  • Approved. Visible for all users
  • Pending. Only for the owner, when logged in.
  • Drafts. Only for the owner, when logged in.

Backend Access

All submitted posts are available under the WP Dashboard > Posts page. You can filter them by a format.

All submitted items are available under the WP Dashboard > Snax Items page. In the column Submitted to, you can always check to what list an item belongs to.

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