Frontend Uploader Overview

Allow visitors to create a content for you, directly from frontend.


The uploader is powered by the Snax plugin, so please make sure you have it activated.


The upload workflow is based on two main concepts: Posts and Items. Before further reading, you should first get to know what they are and what’s the main difference between them. Read More

Check also the uploader fundamental components:


Using the uploader, a user can create:

  1. Story
  2. Open List
  3. Ranked List
  4. Classic List
  5. Trivia Quiz
  6. Personality Quiz
  7. Classic Poll
  8. Versus Poll
  9. Hot or Not Poll
  10. Link
  11. Meme
  12. Audio
  13. Video
  14. Image
  15. Gallery
  16. Embed
  17. External Product

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The submission process is highly customizable, at every stage. You can:

  • Deactivate unused formats
  • Configure/Disable fields on the post submission form
  • Deactivate unused forms on the item submission form
  • Change format-related texts
  • Define limits
  • Enable/Disable moderation
  • Enable/Disable reporting
  • Enable/Disable notifications
  • Restrict the backend access
  • Change URL slugs (white label)
  • Allow/Disallow post edit/delete actions

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The uploader permissions are based on the WordPress roles and capabilities system. Most of necessary configuration is done during plugin activation so, in most cases, you don’t need to do anything more. But if you need a custom setup, restrict access to a certain action per role, please refer to the User Role/Capabilities section.

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