Always, when you open your site to upload content from the frontend, some restrictions have to be set. That’s necessary to save your server’s resources (memory, disk usage, etc.) and protect against spammers.

Global Limits

The Limits section, for all formats, is under the WP Dashboard > Settings > Snax > General page. You can restrict there:

  • A number of posts a user can submit per day
  • A number of items a user can submit while creating a new list/gallery. It applies also to a number of allowed images for the Story format
  • A number of items a user can submit to an existing list
  • A number of tags a user can assign while creating a new post
  • A post title’s length
  • A post description’s length

Format Limits

Additionally, some formats have their own sections for limits. You can find that section on format’s settings page, in the WP Dashboard > Settings > Snax > Formats > FORMAT.

On the below screen, you can see the Video format limits. You can defined max. size of uploaded videos and allowed formats.

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