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Set Up Quizzes

There are two types of quizzes:

  • Trivia – for a quick yes/no quiz
  • Personality – for a test to know who/what are you similar to

You can create new quiz on:

  • frontend – behave like other Snax formats
  • backend – behave like any custom post type

Enable Frontend Quizzes

Like other Snax formats, you need to activate quizzes (both Trivia and Personality) in WP Dashboard > Settings > Snax > General > Active formats before your users will be able to use them.

Enable Backend Quizzes

You don’t need to activate backend quizzes. When Snax is activated the quizzes are accessible via WP Dashboard > Quizzes.

Create On Frontend

The frontend quiz can be created by a user with the “Snax Author” role assigned. To create a new quiz please go to the Frontend Submission page and choose one of the available quiz types.

Create On Backend

The backend quiz can be created by the site’s administrator (or other roles with edit posts capability). To create a new quiz please go to the WP Dashboard > Quizzes > Add new and choose one of available types.

Share To Unlock

You can spread your quizzes more quickly across the web if your users will share them on Facebook. Snax gives you an option to force users to do that if they want to see their results.

To force users to share quiz to Facebook before seeing the results, please do as follows:

  1. Go to the WP Dashboard > Quizzes and choose a quiz for which you want to enable that option
  2. On a quiz edition panel, choose the Settings tab
  3. Set the option User has to share the quiz to see results? to “yes”
  4. Now, you need to set the Facebook App Id to allow sharing
  5. Go to the WP admin panel › Settings › Snax
  6. Choose the General tab
  7. Set the Facebook App Id option (use the Register and Configure an App guide for help)

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