Ad Free

Ad Free module allows visitors to browse your sites without ads.

How Users Can Disable Ads?

There are 4 types of requirements to unlock the Ad Free mode:

  1. Log-in based
    If you choose that type, the only requirement to disable all ads will be user login. All logged-in users are free of ads.
  2. User-role based
    Users who match the selected roles are free of ads.
  3. Purchased Product based (WooCommerce integration)
    Users who bought the selected product are free of ads.
  4. Membership Levels based (Restrict Content Pro integration)
    Users with the selected membership levels are free of ads.

Can I Charge Users For Ad-Free Access?

Yes. Both WooCommerce (paid product) and Restrict Content Pro (paid membership) plugins can be used to charge users.

If you wish to advertise Ad Free mode on your site to encourage users for buying, you can use a custom banner ad and built-in Link To (Custom Ad, point 4.3) options to point users directly to the WooCommerce Product page or Restrict Content Pro Registration page.


To define your criteria on how users can unlock access to Ad-Free mode, please do as follows:

  • Go to the WordPress Admin › Settings › AdAce panel
  • Choose Ad Free tab
  • Criteria are independent. You can define just one or all.
  • To disable ads for:
    • logged-in users, check the Disable ads for logged-in users box
    • users with specific roles, select the roles (you can select many)
    • users who purchased a product, start typing a product name, then select it from the list. The product has to be previously created. It’s a normal WooCommerce product (WP Dashboard > Products)
    • users with membership levels, select those levels (you can select many). Levels have to be previously created. They are normal Restrict Content Pro membership levels (WP Dashboard > Restrict > Membership Levels)

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