Single Post Settings

Global Settings

Global options, for single posts, are located under the WP Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Posts > Single section.

Globally, you can set up:

  • Template
  • Sidebar location (left | right)
  • Date to display (publication | modification | both)
  • Elements visibility and order options. Read more
  • Pagination. Read more
  • Autoload next post. Read more
  • Recommended posts sections to read next. Read more

Post Individual Settings

To override global settings, please navigate to a post edition screen and find the Single Page meta-box. There you can set up:

  • Global Featured Entries (show | hide)
  • Featured Image (show | hide)
  • Template
  • Sidebar (from all registered sidebars)
  • Sidebar location (left | right)

Additionally, you can find there also plugin-related meta-boxes for ads, votes, reactions, views, sponsors, etc. Each meta-box is described in its respective article.

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