The AMP plugin adds support for the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), which is all about providing mobile-optimized content that can load instantly everywhere.


The plugin is available for free in repository. You can download it
or install directly from the WP Dashboard › Plugins › Add new panel.


Like all other plugins from site, when a new version of the plugin is available, you will be notified about it directly in your WP Dashboard.


All you need to do to enable AMP support on your site is to activate the plugin. The theme will do the rest.

If you need to reset options to default values, please navigate to the plugin’s settings page, in WP Dashboard > AMP > General, and set:

  1. Template Mode to Reader
  2. Supported Templates to Posts, Quizzes, Polls, Snax Items

Only that setup is currently allowed.

Check the AMP Version Of a Post

To check how Google will deliver your post content on mobile devices, please add the /amp/ part to the end of its URL, like this:

Post URL: 
AMP version:

Learn More

If you want to learn more about Google’s AMP project, please read the
What Is Google AMP And How Will It Affect Your SEO? article.

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