Comments Overview

Extend standard comments with voting, sorting, and GIF replies. Manage multiple types of comments in one place.


Comments in the Bimber theme are powered by our in-house plugin CommentAce. Please make sure you have it activated.

Supported Comment Types

The following comment types are supported:

Each type is optional. You can keep them all or disable any of them.

Post Types

The CommentAce plugin loads on post types of your choice. By default, it’s enabled for standard posts and Snax quizzes, polls, and items. You can change that in WP Dashboard > Settings > CommentAce > Settings tab.

Single Post Comments

Comments are an element on a single post page, after post content. You can change their order by moving it up or down among others or hide them.

Visibility Threshold

The Bimber theme extends the comments with the visibility threshold, allowing you to hide comment counters under some defined limit. Read more

Reply with GIF

WordPress type comments allows users to use GIFs with their comments. Read more

Speed Concerns

It might seem that using many comment types at the same time has to affect page loading time and resulting in worse speed. Normally yes, but CommentAce doesn’t load anything till it’s necessary. You can have Facebook comments on, but if the other type is set as default and rendered, Facebook resources won’t be loaded. They waiting until a user decides to use them, by selecting the respective tab.

In other words, only scripts and assets required by the currently active comments type will be loaded.

Backward Compatibility

We switched to and recommend using the CommentAce plugin for Facebook and Disqus comments. Old plugins, Facebook Comments and Discuss, will be supported just for a short transition time.


If you use any of the Facebook Comments and Discuss plugins, we recommend switching to the CommentAce plugin. The migration is smooth, and all you need to do is to disable the old plugins. When the CommentAce is active, all the necessary options will be migrated from them automatically.

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