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To use Facebook Comments, API access is required. You probably already have a registered app and the App ID, so just use it. No needed to create a new app. The App ID has to entered in the WP Dashboard > Settings > CommentAce >Facebook > Facebook App ID. If you don’t have an app, please read here on how to create one.

Enable Facebook Comments

WordPress comments are not obligatory. You can turn them off if you wish. Check the WP Dashboard > Settings > CommentAce > Facebook > Enable option to enable.


All Facebook settings are under the WP Dashboard > Settings > CommentAce > Facebook tab. Available options:

  • Number of Comments
  • Sorting (see below)


To change comments sorting, please go to the WP Dashboard > Settings > CommentAce > Facebook and use the Sort by option to choose the sorting method.

Available sorting methods:

  • Social – uses social signals to surface the highest quality comments
  • Oldest – the oldest comments first
  • Newest – the newest comments first

Changing the Language

You don’t need to set the language manually. The CommentAce tries to load the language for the Facebook SDK based on your site’s language (WP Dashboard > Settings > General > Language). The English language will be used as a fallback if your site’s language is not supported.

Only Logged-In Users Can Comment

Facebook requires a user to be logged in to comment.

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