Post Archive Header

General Settings

Common settings for all archive page are located under the WP Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Posts > Archive > Header section.

You can adjust there:

  • Composition
  • Filters, if applicable
  • Background colors
  • Elements visibility

Category/Tag Settings

In addition to the general settings, for a category/tag you can set:

  • Icon. If a category is used inside Mega Menu. Check the Categories type.
  • Image. If a category is listed via shortcode. Check the Categories type.
  • Text Color
  • Background Image

All options for a category/post can be found under the WP Dashboard > Posts > Categories/Tags > A category/A tag > Edit page.


You can choose from 3 types of header:

  • Center aligned
  • Left aligned
  • Center aligned with top/botom space. Ideal for setting a background


Available filters, where applicable, are:

  • Latest. Default
  • Oldest
  • Most discussed
  • Most viewed. Requires WordPress Popular Posts plugin to work
  • Most voted. Requires Snax plugin to work

You can change a default filter in WP Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Posts > Archive > Header.

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Post Archive Settings

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