Plugins Overview

Theme Plugins

The below plugins are included within the theme. Those plugins are exclusive and distributed only with the theme:

  • AdAce – for ads and other monetization related tasks
  • G1 Socials – for all social media related tasks
  • MediaAce – for all media-related tasks
  • Snax – viral content builder
  • Photomix – for creating engaging viral images without Photoshop
  • What’s Your Reaction – to share your reaction using nice looking badges.

Premium Plugins

The theme includes also some premium (paid) plugins. You can use them for free only with the theme:

Plugin Integrations

Besides included plugins, the theme is integrated with other popular and well-knows plugins like BuddyPress, Elementor, WooCommerce, WPML, etc.

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How To Install And Update Plugins?

All plugins delivered with the theme, both theme, and premium ones, can be installed and updated via the WP Dashboard › Appearance › Install plugins page.

Other plugins are available for free in repository. You can download them directly or install them from the WP Dashboard › Plugins › Add new page. When new versions are available, WordPress notifies you about that directly in your WP Dashboard.

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