The MediaAce plugin helps you with all media-related tasks.

What Is It For?

The plugin covers the following:

  • Auto Featured Images – automatically download featured image for posts with the embedded content
  • Default Featured Image – displays a default image for all posts without that image explicitly set
  • Expire headers – tell the browser whether to grab files from the browser’s cache and reduce the HTTP requests
  • GIF to MP4 – convert heavy GIFs to compressed MP4 on the fly
  • Hotlink Protection – protect your website from image theft
  • Image Bulk Actions – perform image actions (like thumbnails regeneration) on all images in bulk
  • Image Sizes Manager – disable unused image sizes to safe disk space
  • Lazy Load – load media (images, embeds) only when needed
  • Lightbox Gallery – browse images in a fancy popup gallery
  • Regenerate Thumbnails – recreate image thumbnails after changing image sizes
  • Video Playlist – play videos using different sources (YouTube, MP4)
  • Video Length – automatically fetch video length for video post formats
  • Watermarks – add small symbols/logos on images to indicate what site they originate from

How To Install?

The plugin is built into the theme so after theme activation, you will be asked to install it. You can always find it and install it from the WP Dashboard > Appearance > Install plugins section.

How To Update?

After the theme update, if a new version of the plugin is available, you will be asked to update it (notice on top of the Dashboard).

If for any reason you can’t see the notice, you can update the plugin manually. To do that, please go to the WP Dashboard > Appearance > Install plugins, find the MediaAce plugin on the list and click “Update” right below it.

If you can’t find the Install plugins link in the WP Dashboard > Appearance section, all your plugins are up to date and you don’t need to update anything.

Settings Page

After activating the plugin its settings will be accessible under the WP Dashboard > Settings › MediaAce page.

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