Hotlink Protection

Sometimes you do not want other webpages to use your images directly from your server. It is possible to block that and even set up a replacement image to be displayed instead.

To enable hotlink protection, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the WP Dashboard › Settings › Media Ace panel
  2. Switch to the Hotlink Protection section
  3. Check the Enabled? box to turn on the protection
  4. Access allowed for URLs allows you to make exceptions for some sites. Some social media are added by default,
    to enable sharing with the featured image
  5. Block direct access to these files allows you to set the file formats to be protected
  6. Turn off Direct requests to make the protection stronger (but less stable). Not recommended.
  7. Redirect blocked request to this URL – where you can type in the URL of a replacement image that will be sent instead of the hot-linked one.

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