Bimber Theme License

You can buy only the Regular License of the Bimber theme.

The Regular License grants you to:

  • Use the theme on a single site (domain)
  • Use the theme on multisite (WordPress Network)

You are not allowed to:

  • Use the theme on more than one site (domain) at the time

Move Sites Between Domains

You can test the theme on one site (domain) and then move it to the new site (new domain). But you can’t use the theme on both sites at the same time. Please deactivate theme on old site (and Deregister Purchase Code) before moving to the new site.

Where To Download License Certificate?

You can download the Bimber License Certificate via the Downloads tab from your ThemeForest account. Find the Bimber theme on your purchase list, click the Download button, and choose the License Certificate & Purchase Code.

License Details

Read the full Regular License on the ThemeForest.

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