First Steps

Before you start using the theme, you should first get to know how it’s built and where to look for all its options. The theme is divided into 4 main areas:

1. Theme Customizer

Location: WP Dashboard > Appearance > Customize

In the Customizer panel are all design-related options. You can change here all colors, fonts, layouts, and elements visibility.

2. Theme Options

Location: WP Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Options

In the Options panel you can install/uninstall demos, place your header/footer custom scripts or change some more advanced options.

3. Widgets

All theme’s widgets can be found in the WP Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets page and they start with Bimber prefix. Widgets from theme-related plugins (e.g. Snax) start with PLUGIN NAME prefix.

4. Plugins

The plugins delivered, for free, with the theme can be divided into:

  • theme built-in plugins (e.g. Snax)
  • external premium plugins (e.g. WP Bakery Page Builder)

All plugins packed with the theme can be installed/updated via WP Dashboard > Appearance > Install Plugins page. If you can’t find the WP Dashboard > Appearance > Install Plugins page, that means all theme’s plugins are activated and up to date. You can remove any of the plugins and then install it again from that page.

Each theme built-in plugin has its own settings page under the WP Dashboard > Settings page.

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