Lists Setup

Enable Lists

To enable a list, please do as follows:

  1. Go to the WP Dashboard › Appearance › Customize panel
  2. Switch to the Posts › General section
  3. Check the Enable “Hot” collection box to enable that collection. Proceed the same for other collections.
  4. Now, you have to decide based on what the lists will be generated:
    • views – the WordPress Popular Posts plugin must be activated
    • votes – the Snax plugin must be activated and its Votes module enabled
  5. Use the Top in menu option to choose display type for your links:
    • single – all links will be grouped under one link called Top 10.
      Learn more about Top 10 link
    • separate – links will be displayed separately as the Quick Navigation.
      Learn more about Quick Navigation

Change Labels

For the Popular, Hot, Trending, and Top links, their labels are taken from the corresponding page titles.

For the Latest link, the situation is a little bit more complex due to a lack of existing posts page (in the default configuration). That label depends on your setup in the WP Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Homepage Settings.

If you have the option Your homepage displays set to the Latest Posts, you have to translate the Latest phrase.

If you have the option Your homepage displays set to the A static page, the Post page becomes the Latest. You can just change the title of the page assigned to that Post page option. That title will be used as the new label for the Latest list.

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