Voting Overview

Allow users to vote on posts, both on a single post page and on archives.


The voting module is a part of Snax plugin so make sure you have it activated.


To enable the voting module, please go to the WP Dashboard > Settings > Snax > Voting page and check the Enable voting? option. Then adjust the following settings:

  • Guests can vote? – uncheck to require logging in before voting
  • Allow users to vote on post types – select post types on which users can vote
  • Voting actions – both types or the upvotes only
  • Post icons – choose from different sets of icons
  • Labels – adjust label for votes, points and up/down actions.


Votes can be displayed in a different locations:

Visibility Threshold

Hide votes till the counter reaches a defined value. Read more

Fake Votes

Start the vote counter from a defined value. Read more

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