Taxonomy Filter Widget


Filter post collections by taxonomy filters.


The Taxonomy Filter widget is the theme’s built-in widget. No other dependencies.

Widget Name

The widget can be located under the WP Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets page by the Bimber Taxonomy Filter name.

Supported Taxonomies

You can filter by all public taxonomies:

  • built-in taxonomies (categories, tags)
  • custom taxonomies (Snax formats, Reactions, Sponsors, your custom taxonomies)

Filter Applicability

The filter works on all post archive pages (post types, taxonomies, terms. etc.). If posts on an archive page have some taxonomies associated with them, you can filter by those taxonomies.


As the widget is for archive pages, it should be added to the WP Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets > Post Archives sidebar.

Empty Filters

If you add the widget to filter by “Snax Formats” but on an archive page are posts that have no association to any “Snax Format”, your filter won’t show any values to filter with. If such a case, a good option is to hide that filter. You can easily do that via the option Hide widget if no filters (check the Options section below).

Multiple Filters

You can use many filters on a page.


TitleWidget’s title (e.g. Filter by Tags)
FilterTaxonomy to filter by
Show filter countsDisplay number of posts within the filter
Show selected filter firstThe currently chosen filters are moved to the top of the filter list
Show “View all” button after X itemsShow X filters first and then the button to show the rest
Hide widget if no filtersIf no filters to apply, hide the widget. Useful if some filters work on one archive page, but not on others

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