Favourite Products Widget


Showcase your most recommended products. Each product can be an affiliate link.


The Favourite Products widget is a part of the AdAce plugin so please make sure that it’s active.

Widget Name

The widget can be located under the WP Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets page by the AdAce Favourite Products name.


TitleWidget’s title
Show affiliate disclosureDisplay the affiliate disclosure text
TypeTypes: Embed Code | WooCommerce Products
Embed CodeFor Embed Code type.
Any type of valid HTML code.
Number of products to showFor WooCommerce Products type.
How many products should be loaded
CategoriesFor WooCommerce Products type.
Categories of products
Order ByFor WooCommerce Products type.
Choices: Date | Title | Random
OrderFor WooCommerce Products type.
Choices: ASC | DESC

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