Registration page

The registration page is a special page where users can create an account on your site.
The theme extends the registration form with social network registration and Captcha protection.

BuddyPress Register Page


To change the default WordPress registration (on the backend) to configurable form (on the frontend, the screen above) the BuddyPress plugin is required.
The plugin is available for free in repository.
You can download it or install directly
from the WP Dashboard › Plugins › Add new panel.

The BuddyPress is one of the most popular WordPress plugins so you will easily find a lot of useful tutorials about it.
It offers also tons of free add-ons you can use to extend its core features.

Official page: BuddyPress Codex

Enable Registration

Single Site

To enable registration, please go to the WP Dashboard › Settings › General page
and make sure you have the anyone can register option checked.

Single site register settings


For multisite/network installation, please go to the WP Dashboard › My Sites › Network Admin › Settings page and make sure you have the option User accounts may be registered checked.

Network register settings

Activate Register Page

After you have enabled registration, you can create the required pages and assign them to the Register and Activation components.
in the WP Dashboard › Settings › BuddyPress tab and assign required pages (screen).

BuddyPress pages setup

Customize Register Form

To add/remove fields (screen, point 2) to your registration form, please follow the BuddyPress official guide.

Register With Social Network

To allow users to log in using social networks (screen, point 1), the Snax plugin is required. It’s an optional login method, you don’t have to use it.

To set up the social networks, please refer to the Login with social networks page.

Protect With Captcha

To protect your registration form with Google reCaptcha (screen, point 3), the Snax plugin is required. This protection is optional but we strongly recommended to activate it.

To activate the captcha protection, please refer to the Captcha protection page.

To use a sidebar (screen, point 4) on the registration page, please make sure you have enabled the WP Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > BuddyPress plugin > Show sidebar on BuddyPress pages option.

Widgets in that sidebar are from the WP Dashboard panel › Appearances › Widgets › BuddyPress sidebar.

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