Donations (Patreon)

Patreon is a platform that allows bloggers like you to get paid by running a membership business for your fans.

How Does It Work?

You have a blog, your fans found it attractive and want to reward your hard work
by donating with an amount of their choice. All you need to start is a Patreon page
and our Patreon widget (or section).


To use the Patreon on your site, you will need:

  1. a Patreon page
  2. the AdAce plugin

Create Your Patreon Page

Starting your page on Patreon is fairly easy. Just go to the Patreon site
and click the “Start My Page” button. Write your mission statement and that’s all. From now, everyone can become your patron and support you by giving a donation.

Set Up Patreon Inside the Theme

First, you should explain to your fans why you ask them for donations. To do it, please go to the WP Dashboard › Settings › AdAce › Patreon.
Here is a place where you can add your Patreon page URL and describe your statement.

Display Patreon in a Sidebar

Read here about the Patreon widget.

Display Patreon Before the Home Main Collection

Please go to the WP Dashboard › Appearance › Customize › Home › Before Main Collection and check the Show Patreon option.

Please go to the WP Dashboard › Appearance › Customize › Footer › Modules and check the Show Patreon option. You can change here the order of elements before footer using drag & drop UI.

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