Moderate Collections

Custom Post Type

Internally, collections are custom post types. You can access all created collections under the WP Dashboard › Collections page.

Predefined vs Users’ Collections

All collections are on one list but you have to know which ones belong to a single user and which are predefined and required for all users. Check the list below to understand the difference.

  1. Historypredefined collectionFeatures:
    • each user’s History collection is based on this one
    • site’s administrator can set it up (featured image, description)
    • it’s assigned in WP admin panel › Collections › History
    • if you remove it, users won’t be able to use their History collection anymore
  2. Read Laterpredefined collection. See above
  3. Favoritespredefined collection. See above
  4. Custom collection – a custom collectionFeatures:
    • all users’ custom collections are based on this one
    • site’s administrator can set its description (visible for anonymous users, when they click the “Add to collection” link)
    • it’s assigned in WP Dashboard › Collections › Custom
    • if you remove it, users won’t be able to create new collections
  5. Amazing Places – user’s custom collection, created and owned by the user Britney von Lausitz


    • user can edit it
    • user can remove it
  6. History – user’s predefined collection


    • inherits from the History predefined collection
    • user can’t edit it
    • user can add/remove items

Remove Collection

If you find that any of users’ created collections violate the rules of your site, you can remove/block such a collection in the same way as you do with posts:

  1. Go to the WP Dashboard › Collections page
  2. Find a collection
  3. Remove it or change its state to pending review
  4. Save

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