Facebook and Instragram Embeds

Embedding Before October 24th, 2020

Before the October 24th, 2020, all you need to do to embed Facebook and Instagram on your site was to put a URL into post content. Thanks to the oEmbed protocol, WordPress could load content from Facebook/Instagram without any other requirements.

Embedding After October 24th, 2020

After the October 24th, 2020, you have to send an access token with every oEmbed request to Facebook/Instagram (read more). Refer to the next section to create an app for Facebook and provide creds so we can generate the token for you and allow embedding.

Restore Support for Facebook and Instagram Embeds

To add support for Facebook and Instagram embeds, please do as follows:

  1. Create and bind a Facebook application
  2. Add the oEmbed product to the app
  1. Add a URL of Facebook or Instagram into post content, and you should see a live preview of it on the frontend

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