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Where To Meet Single Women

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If you know me, then you know that I have a strong preference for picking up women within my social circle. Not necessarily because it’s easier for me, but because it allows me to take my time with women and not focus on “speed” seduction.

I don’t like picking up women randomly during the day, as I am usually out on a mission to get things done, and not focused on women. And as of late, I rarely go to bars anymore unless it’s to hang out with a buddy of mine.

With all of that being said, let’s focus on where you can pick up women and take your time seducing them. The benefits of having more time is that the woman is likely to develop stronger feelings for you than what she would if it were a speedy type of seduction, and it allows you to take your time evaluating her to see if she is girlfriend material.

Overall, women are more comfortable going out with you when they feel like they’ve known you for a considerable amount of time, and these places allow for that considerable amount of time to take place. Here are what I like to call my “aces in the hole” places/ways to meet good girls, and why I’ll never feel like I can’t meet women, even if I never do a cold approach ever again:

Small Classes

In small classes, women are more open to talking to you, as it is a more intimate type of environment. From my experiences, women rarely talk to random men in the huge auditorium type classes. However, almost every woman that has talked to or approached me in school, did it while we were in a small class, ranging from 10-20 students.

Since you have anywhere from a quarter to a semester to talk to these girls, it allows you to display the different levels of your personality and form more of a bond. Science classes are great places for this, as most women tend to hate science and look to sociable men to distract them and help them out with the lab work. Again, this is from experience. I’ve had girls constantly following me around and talking to me in my science classes.

Charity Type Work

One of the things women find very attractive about men? Charitable work and generosity. If you can combine that with being a cool guy, then everything works in your favor. And what do you think many of those good girls do in their spare time? They want to save the world, so they spend a lot of time doing charity type work.

Don’t believe me? Go ahead and ask those sociology majors why they chose that field. Talk to enough women, and you’ll find that many of them were sociology majors in college.

Quite a few female friends of mine do a lot of charity work, and these aren’t the types of girls to spend a lot of time going to night clubs. And these same busy women are always complaining about not being able to find a man.

Religious Services

Again, if you’re into religion, then religious services can be among the easiest places to find a good girl. Religions tend to want their members to marry someone from within the group, so they’ll oftentimes encourage events in which singles can do some kind of social activity together as a group.

And just from talking to many women, I know that many of them go to religious services hoping to find single men. These women are just happy overall, so if you’re a decent guy, they’re more than likely to at least give you a chance.

Dog Parks (Walking a dog)

I thought about this one, and then it occurred to me that many of the women I know own or want some kind of dog, and what better way to meet them than to play off of that common interest? Dogs are easy ice breakers and gives you an excuse to talk to each other.

Get a cool dog, and I guarantee you that women will be stopping you left and right to play with your dog. And people tend to frequent the same dog parks, so it allows you to build a connection over time.

Ask A Friend

It amazes me how many single men simply won’t ask a friend to hook them up with a single friend of theirs. Many women LOVE to play matchmaker, and chances are, if you’re friends with a girl, she’d be more than willing to hook you up if she has anyone in mind who is single.

And many girls will often put in a good word for you, thus giving you a lot of value and what some call “social proof”. I was asking many married women how they met their husband, and most of the time, a friend or family member introduced them or threw some kind of event where they met.

Of course, you aren’t going to sleep with a high number of women through these sources, but if you’re looking for a girlfriend, you might want to think outside of the box and try some of these outlets for finding a good girl. Knowing this, no guy should ever be without a girlfriend. You don’t even have to approach anymore.


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