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Goals and objectives of the course work

At MBA, writing term papers is given a rather serious place. The main purpose of such an activity is to reveal in the student the ability to analyze the available material, as well as to draw certain conclusions on its basis. At this stage, the creative potential of the student is formed. So, can highlight the main tasks that the writing of the course work pursues:

  • Consideration of the primary skills of the ability to conduct independent research;
  • Building creative potential individually for each student;
  • by writing a term paper, the primary skills paper help of writing a graduation project are built;
  • learning how to competently and structured work design, text editing, maintaining a special scientific style, performing the practical part of the project, which is directly related to analytics.

In addition, writing a term paper forms certain qualities in the student, which become the most valuable experience in mastering the rules and methods of writing written papers. These qualities include:

  • work with sources; when a student uses this or that material, he learns to work with difficult and often inaccessible catalogs, reference books, instructions, and so on.
  • competent writing of any scientific work; while writing a term paper, the student retains clear pictures of how it is necessary to correctly structure the text of any scientific work, because, in fact, each such material is compiled by analogy with writing a term paper.
  • a clear writing style is formed;
  • formation of a clear methodology for the design of a course project;
  • the ability to draw conclusions based on the described data;
  • the ability to defend one’s point of view, by providing research evidence.

We do not say that already in the first year a student should possess such knowledge with accuracy. All this must come gradually. With each course, the student must grow professionally, and at the same time his skill in writing scientific projects will grow. Thus, by the end of the last course, it will be easier for him to start preparing for the graduation project.

The structure and degree of development of scientific works also depends on the chosen discipline by the student. Everyone knows that in the first years the student is still learning the general basics of his future profession. Only by the last course, he is precisely determined which direction he will choose for himself. Thus, the subject of term papers at this stage becomes narrower and more concise. This is not to say that preparing for such projects is becoming more difficult. They just need to spend a little more time delving into each characteristic.

At the end of the training, the student will definitely have such knowledge as analytical ability, the ability to explain and generalize the material, mastering the methods of evidence of his point of view.


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