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Facial Skincare Devices

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This is a comparison of facial equipment recommended for those who suffer from sagging lines and wrinkles. In particular, you should not miss the Medi-Lift, a facial massage device from L&L Skin.

You can expect a lifting effect just by wearing it. To prevent sagging and lines, it is important to strengthen facial muscles and take care of them from the foundation.

It is also necessary to improve the skin’s elasticity by removing excess keratin and soaking up beauty ingredients.

Just a few smile lines can definitely make you look older! This section introduces popular facial equipment, so you can find the one that suits you best. Check out how to choose and use a facial device, and how to make your lines fade away!

For those who suffer from fine lines! Causes and what to look out for in daily life

There are many people who use anti-wrinkle creams to treat the lines that appear with age. However, fine lines are not wrinkles! They are “sagging”.

For example, compare the lines of a person standing up and those of a person lying on their back. The lines should be thinner when you are lying on your back.

This is a sign that the cheeks are sagging due to gravity, and the sagging is manifested as lines. This is because gravity causes the cheeks to sag, which in turn causes the lines to appear. Therefore, it is important to take care of sagging skin and make the skin more supple, not wrinkles.

8 types of facial equipment that make your skin firm

Lines are not wrinkles, but sagging. As the skin loses its elasticity, it sags, and gravity takes its toll on the skin, causing the cheeks to drop and the lines to appear.

For this reason, this type of facial device is recommended to improve the skin’s elasticity.

EMS type
RF type (radio frequency)
Ultrasonic type (water peeling type)
LED type
Steam facial equipment/steamer type
Ion-Induction/Ion-Conduction Type
Poration / Mesotherapy
Roller Type

Basic frequency and timing of use

The effectiveness of a facial device can vary dramatically just by observing or not observing the frequency and timing of use.

Frequency of use

The frequency of use will vary depending on the type of facial device and the condition of your skin, but most recommend every two days or twice a week.

This is because most facial equipment passes electricity through the skin, and too much electricity on the skin can be counterproductive.

Daily care does not necessarily increase the effect of beautiful skin. Be sure to follow the frequency of use as stated in the instructions.

When to use the device

The best time to use a facial toner is during your normal skin care routine. Think of it as clean skin after washing your face.

If the skin is unclean, the skin care ingredients will not be absorbed well, the facial device will get dirty, and it will not be able to approach the skin. Please use the product with clean skin.

Warming and loosening” for better results

When your body and face are warmed up, the tension in your skin and muscles will relax and soften. This is the best time to use a facial toner.

Warming up the skin improves blood flow, opens pores, and stimulates fat and muscles. It also makes it easier for the beauty ingredients to be absorbed.

Before using a facial toner, warm your face with a hot towel to soften the skin, or take a relaxing soak in the bathtub. This process of “warming up and loosening up” will increase the effectiveness of the facial cleanser.

How to get more out of your smile lines!

There are other ways to take care of your fine lines besides using a facial device. There are other ways to take care of lines on your own besides using a facial device. Using these methods together with a facial device is even more effective in preventing lines.


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