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can I get an ESA letter free online?
If you are looking for an authentic way to get your ESA, online sources can come in handy. However, you should be wary of scammers! As there is no such thing as a free online ESA service.
While some websites may offer free or cheap ESA letters, it’s important to note that these letters may not be legally valid or recognized. At, we provide a legitimate and affordable way to obtain a legal ESA letter from licensed mental health professionals.
So, in simple words, you cannot get an ESA letter for free from any service. You have to pay a nominal fee to get this letter and here is how you can do it.
Before getting an ESA, have a look at your potential to qualify for an ESA. Not all people can have an ESA and choose the right kind of ESA according to their needs. Depending on personal choice, an ESA dog can be a good pet for most people. However, you can choose from a variety of available options such as cats, rabbits, or birds.
You should have a psychological or mental health issue that affects your functionality and the quality of your life. Your health issue should fall under the diagnostic criteria of DSM V and some of the mental health issues that qualify for this include anxiety, depression, PTSD, sleep disturbances, eating disorders, and personality disorders.
Other than the diagnosis, you should feel that getting an ESA would greatly improve the quality of your life. Your therapist should also agree with the therapeutic effects of the ESA, only then will you get the ESA letter for housing to live with your pet. You would be able to live with your pet without having to pay any additional fee.
The Process of getting an ESA letter online

Contact an authentic service online that has a proper website and available customer support. A good service will have plenty of good reviews as well that you can check to ensure that it can be trusted.
Once you locate the service, you can ask them for the charges they take for the letter. They would ask for your personal information and you might have to fill a small form for this purpose.
They will keep your information secure and it will only be shared with a therapist.
The service will contact a therapist or mental health provider for you and share your information with them.
The therapist will review your information and you might receive a call or email from the therapist to confirm your diagnosis.
After the approval, the therapist will issue a recommendation letter in your name which the service will email to you.

Seems like a fairly simple process, right? But there are many scammers online who may claim that they can get a letter for you free of charge, which is not true. You should always stay away from such fakes. They might want to access your information which they can use for different reasons, such as selling to marketing companies.
Here’s how to tell if an online service has sent you a fake letter. A realesaletter letter would contain the following elements, and if something is missing, then the letter is probably fake.

The letter is written on the letterhead of a registered health professional, that also has the signature of the therapist.
It contains the health professional’s license type, license registration date, and state of registration of the license.
The date of issue and date of expiry is mentioned in the letter.
It states the diagnosed mental health condition of the patient according to the DSM V criteria.
It includes the recommendation of the therapist to get an ESA as it can improve the mental health of the owner.

The only method to get a free ESA letter
There is only one guaranteed way to get your ESA letter absolutely free of cost but that is not possible through an online service. You may get this letter from your licensed health professional that you are already visiting.
Your regular mental health therapist would not charge an additional amount for getting this letter; you would only be required to pay the regular consultation fee to your therapist.
However, if you get a letter from a free online source claiming to be authentic, you should know that it has worth a blank piece of paper.
Why should you pay an online service for an ESA letter
The charges for getting an ESA letter online are not very steep and you can afford to get it. But if you are wondering why you should spend money on this service, then let me explain the benefits you can get.
If you are unable to visit your therapist who is located far away from you, then the cost of traveling can be very high. So it is common for people to avoid visiting the doctor as the fuel cost can be high.
You might not have a health therapist or your therapist might not be experienced in issuing emotional support animal letter.
You might be busy with work and other commitments that occupy your time and energy. If you have kids and a family to look after, then leaving them at home to visit the therapist can also get complicated.
Whatever the reason for your busy routine, you can always rely on a credible online service to get the ESA letter from a certified mental health professional.

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