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What’s Included In Support

The support covers:

  • Answering questions about how to use the item
  • Answering technical questions about the item (and included third party assets)
  • Help with defects in the item or included third party assets
  • Item updates to ensure ongoing compatibility and to resolve security vulnerabilities

A supported item, with valid support license, includes item support for 6 months from the purchase date.

For details, please refer to the Item Support Policy

What’s NOT Included In Support

Be aware that the support, even after extending the support license, do not cover:

  • Item customization
  • Installation of the item
  • Hosting, server environment, or software
  • Help from authors of included third party assets

For details, please refer to the Item Support Policy

Who Can Get Support?

Users with a valid support license are allowed to get help regarding the topics mentioned in the section What’s included in support?

Users without a valid support license are allowed to report bugs and theme-related issues so the problems could be solved in upcoming updates.

Support Working Hours

We answer all your questions from Monday to Friday 9 am – 5 pm (UTC/GMT +01).
Our response time can be up to 1 business day.

Before You Submit a Ticket

  1. Please make sure your WordPress, the theme and all the plugins are up to date
  2. Please check the documentation articles
  3. Please create a separate ticket for each issue, bug or feature request. This allows us to respond in a timely and organized manner
  4. Provide as many details as possible, especially: 
    – the URL of the site in question
    – the browser, browser version, device and OS on which the issue occurs
    – screenshots of the issue ( we recommend using
  5. Please do not post two tickets on the same issue
  6. Please write in English
  7. If you’re satisfied with our product and support, please rate the theme 5-stars on ThemeForest. It means a lot and proves we do our job good. Thank you!

Ask a question

Many support queries and technical questions have already be answered in supporting documentation and comments from previous buyers.

If you’ve already checked the Common Issues and haven’t found a solution, please open a ticket on

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